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Fair Elections

  • Check out LWVODC's Redistricting Reform: Fair Maps/Fair Elections webpage for the latest information on local redistricting information and activities.

  • The Board of Directors of LWVNC has agreed to support HB200 & SB209, a pair of identical companion bills that would mandate nonpartisan redistricting in North Carolina, effective 2021. LWVNC's Fair Elections Action Team will provide leadership in education and advocacy about this bill.

    If HB200 & SB209 are not signed into law during in this legislative session, the LWVNC Fair Elections League Action Team will explore and evaluate possible alternatives to those two companion bills that might, perhaps, more adequately serve our diverse populations.

  • LWVUS ADOPTS NEW POSITION ON REDISTRICTING There is a new version of the LWVUS position on redistricting, adopted at Convention 2016 and available online here.

  • End Gerrymandering NOW. A project of Common Cause NC.

Update: No Special Elections for Redrawn N.C. Districts

JUL 31 2017: Federal judges rejected a request by North Carolina voters who sued over General Assembly district boundaries to hold special elections next March in new districts once lines are redrawn to eliminate illegal racial gerrymandering. Read More

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